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5 Security Threats for Android Users and a Norton Coupon Code!

Many Android users don’t realize that their devices face security threats that are similar to Windows-based devices. Unfortunately, this lack of awareness has put many Android devices in danger of security breaches–breaches that can compromise personal and financial information. For example, malware apps can trick users into sharing sensitive personal information with data thieves. Therefore, Android users should learn about the major security threats facing them to avoid becoming victims. Android users often mistakenly install malware apps, because data thieves use deceitful tactics to trick users into installing them. For example, the malware app might look like a legitimate Android app. Malware apps infect Android devices – which compromise security – stealing personal and (sometimes) financial data. You can usually spot fraudulent apps by checking for spelling mistakes. You can also read user reviews to verify the app is real. Lastly, Google Play has recently purged malware apps from its site to help protect Android users.

Here’s Some Norton Security Coupons To Protect Yourself:

You can never be too careful. Even if you don’t own a website, malware can cause huge problems. We recommend getting Norton antivirus protection ASAP to protect you and your devices from malware. Here you can add it to your shopping list now.

Android Devices Aren’t Perfect.

Android devices are also susceptible to viruses – just like Windows-based computers. Unfortunately, many Android users don’t have anti-virus protection on their devices – leaving them vulnerable to infection. Luckily, there are several anti-virus and security apps (both free…